"Putting diversity into action - Islamic Awareness"

Our partnership involves training  from diverse Muslim backgrounds.  This enables us to give participants a view of all aspects of the Islamic spectrum.

What are the benefits of attending this workshop?

-       Provide an informed service to your Muslim customers
-       Meet the needs of and engage with your Muslim employees and clients
-       Find out about Islam in a warm, friendly atmosphere
-       Understand how Muslims think and act
-       Discuss stereotypes and myths


The training comprises of:

  • Aims and objectives
  • What is Islam?
  • History of Islam – general background
  • Who is Prophet Muhammad?
  • The Five Pillars of Islam
  • The Holy Qur'an
  • Islam as a way of life including:
  •       Daily life and prayer as a Muslim
  •       Ablution and Purity
  •       Modesty and dress code
  •       Islamic dietary laws
  •       Religious Festivals
  •       Family life
  •       Death and mourning
  • How does someone become a Muslim?
  • Diversity – common stereotypes & cultural myths
  • “Ten things you always wanted to know about Islam but were too afraid to ask!”